Don't miss out on our concerts and workshops

Tickets will go live sometime on Monday 8 August.

Our daytime Newkulele Festival on Saturday 10 September and Sunday 11 September is free for entry. We will have 3 performance stages, 2 Blackboard Session spaces, and a trade hall. No tickets are needed, just turn up and zap our QR Code to let us know you are here. Workshops and Evening concerts will need pre-purchase of tickets for entrance. You can see a link to our Ticket portal to the right, and individual concerts below.

If you are buying tickets for our evening concerts, please note that you must choose a seat. 'All seats are reserved' does not mean the seats are booked out, rather, that you must choose a seat. To do this, choose the level, then choose the seats you wish to sit in.

You can easily buy multiple tickets in one session, so download the program and decide which workshops and evening concerts you want to attend before you book.